Stage01 | Origin
「SHAPEOFRIVER」Stage02 | Development

Stage03 | Submergence

「SHAPEOFRIVER」 is an experimental title font inspired by the relationship between the hydrological environment and urban texture of the Thames estuary.The font discusses how humans balance the complex and contradictory relationship between community and natural environment in light of a changing climate.


SITE / Stage1-Water System

The bathroom's spatial structure is stone, as are the Thames's riverbeds and banks. The most ubiquitous and common substance, stone, unites two distinct Spaces. By the River Thames, I collected thirteen distinct stones. They had been smoothed out by the River and had lost their sharp edges. In a way, these stones were another sort of water; they served as a carrier, an impression, and a conduit between the bathroom and the Thames.

SITE / Stage2-The Tide

SITE / Stage3- Stream from the bathtub

The stone was positioned on the bath's edge as if it were on the banks of the Thames, serving as a conduit for cross-temporal communication. By utilising the function of digital media, I attempted to redefine the barrier between public (The Thames) and private (the bathroom), and to utilise it as an overlapping area for the public to consider its validity.


The legitimacy of homoerotism marriages is being achieved in many countries, homosexuality has been accepted by more and more people. From the traditional way, compared with heterosexual, the feelings of the same sex more secretive and hazy and showing a distinctive aesthetic. I use the same-sex film "Call Me By your name" and "Hawaii which inspired by the artist Mary Button Durell and Mariko Kusumoto's work, it analyzes the characteristics of their hazy and secretive emotional work and visualize the constant temptation and touch hormones between the two leading actors in the movie. The use of wet extension painting experiment makes the mood flow and hazy with bright color performance and then colored the liquid object solidifies by dropping glue.The final extraction of geometric shapes combined with color design to complete set of font design.


 Based on the extended hourly room, a series of print and space-sense visual posters designed with the idea of "space stories for individual influences". I refer to the artist Sophie Calle's art work "the hotel" and the Japanese artist Takashi Ito's image experiment "zone", which explores the relationship between "private" and "public and society". In the sense of the existence of the hourly room and the relationship between the individual and Space itself is an objective existence, but the individual's emotion has given the space unique subjectivity. So through the image, text and the subjective geometry carries of the design and done the book design as well as poster design. It has explored the public space and the private space fuzzy boundary by approach of self analysis.