SITE / Stage1-Water System

The bathroom's spatial structure is stone, as are the Thames's riverbeds and banks. The most ubiquitous and common substance, stone, unites two distinct Spaces. By the River Thames, I collected thirteen distinct stones. They had been smoothed out by the River and had lost their sharp edges. In a way, these stones were another sort of water; they served as a carrier, an impression, and a conduit between the bathroom and the Thames.

SITE / Stage2-The Tide

SITE / Stage3- Stream from the bathtub

The stone was positioned on the bath's edge as if it were on the banks of the Thames, serving as a conduit for cross-temporal communication. By utilising the function of digital media, I attempted to redefine the barrier between public (The Thames) and private (the bathroom), and to utilise it as an overlapping area for the public to consider its validity.